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Our Charitable Structure 


BEST LLC., is a charitable organization that does NOT rely on federal grants, government funding, private auctions, or charitable solicitation to sustain our efforts. We are a member organization supported by membership dues and the revenue generated from fees.


Can you be a charity and NOT a 501(c)3? 


 Yes. BEST LLC., is a non-stock corporation. Each year we assume the expense of philanthropy in service to others as a civic organization.


Why Aren't We A 501(c)3?


BEST LLC., has no aspirations to rely on federal support or accept the integrity of our mission. fiscal support from anyone whose membership is not a representative of our core values to preserve the


Fact Check Us...According to the following sources:


Here the law(s) that show how to conduct a fully operable and legit charity without being registered as a non-profit tax-exempt status of 501(c)3. 


Virginia SCC:


Are any organizations exempt from filing as charities in Virginia?

Yes, however, that organization must be qualified as one of the following kinds of organizations, and must apply for the exemption by completing Virginia Exemption Application for a Charitable or Civic Organization. The following kinds of organizations may apply:


  • Educational institutions and their foundations.

  • Organizations that solicit for a named individual.

  • Organizations that do not raise more than $5,000 annually.

  • Organizations that only solicit members.

  • Non-resident charitable organizations.

  • Organizations that solicit five or few contiguous cities and counties.

  • Civic organizations.

  • Health care institutions.

  • Nonprofit debt counseling agencies.

  • Trade associations.

  • Labor unions, labor associations, and labor organizations.

  • Virginia Area Health Education Centers.

  • Regional Emergency Medical Services Councils.

  • Virginia nonprofit that solicits only through grant proposals.


Civic Organization Define: 


"Civic organization" means any local service club, veterans post, fraternal society or association, volunteer fire or rescue group, or local civic league or association of 10 or more persons not organized for profit but operated exclusively for educational or charitable purposes as defined in this section, including the promotion of community welfare, and the net earnings of which are devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, recreational, or social welfare purposes.


Charitable Sales Promotion Defined: 


"Charitable sales promotion" means advertised sales that feature the names of both the commercial co-venturer and the charitable or civic organization and that state that the purchase or use of the goods, services, entertainment, or any other thing of value that the commercial co-venturer normally sells will benefit the charitable or civic organization or its purposes. To qualify as a charitable sales promotion, the consumer must pay the same price for the thing of value as the commercial co-venturer usually charges without the charitable sales promotion and the consumer retains the thing of value.


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