• India N. Miles

BEST Owner Declares Change for Petersburg’s Black Women.

Hey Fam,

Happy Monday. I’m going to build a pipeline for work with every major employer in Petersburg. I’m going to attract my friends from other cities to bring their businesses to Petersburg. Then I’m going to inspire them to live here and help me mentor the kids here.

I’m going to talk to my friends who do government contracting and get these businesses and youth programs funded by the government. Last but not least I’m going to see to it that the black women who live in Petersburg get the skills training and economic opportunities they deserve.

Nope. Not running for anything. I’m a black woman attempting to make a living that makes a difference here where Yah called me to be. Yah blessed me with many gifts (as you can see) and my goal is to be a blessing to his kingdom first, then myself, and then to others. In that order.

**Soapbox Moment*** really wish people would just be honest. Community issues mostly matter when it affects you and your household, and that’s okay.

Come to my Focus Group this Saturday, at the Petersburg Public Library, free to attend, 11-1 P.M. and tell me what you need and let’s get it together. Or not. #yourbestlifePBURG #buildingeconomicstabilitytogether

If you don’t know what a focus group is, come and let me teach you. Maybe you do one too for your company or community initiative.


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