• India N. Miles

BEST Presents New Paid Summer Mentoring Program Beginning July 8th

#yourbestlifePBURGVA We've decided to lead a new paid summer mentoring program called, Summer Grind, in partnership with Grind Pray Clothing and New Life Ministries of Petersburg. We're excited to have the support of residents local leaders and youth who have agreed to be involved. Our collective goal is to help celebrate the positive image of Petersburg High School students, build community, and raise money for our youth.

Here's how it works. We will train and develop our mentee's in life skills, work skills, and personal and professional development, and give them opportunities to apply their knowledge for instant reward. The money they earn from our training activities, they keep. Yay.

With access to a full kitchen at New Life Ministries of Petersburg combined with our love for mission-based business, veganism, and mental heath -- our goal is for our program to ignite a earn as you learn experience for teens and adults.

Call us at 773-892-8640 for more details.


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