• India N. Miles

Brandon Heard: School of the Hard Knocks

When Brandon started out by calling me “Big Sis“ I felt a shiver of humility run through me. Wow, that’s dope I thought. I’ve always been lil’sis as the youngest daughter, grand-daughter, and Parson born — and it felt pretty cool I must admit. It was definitely a sign of respect, mutual respect that is.

Here we have a young man barely 20 years old referred to my network by his cousin/big bro/mentor Evan Knox, who is a rising entertainer, husband, father of four, and soon to be barber.

Welcome to the multi-talented and often inconclusive world of being a creative. The product of survival, grit, and the gifts these people were naturally born with. Voila, a star is born awaiting to be discovered. Brandon reminds me of this and trust me when I say there is so much unnurtered talent out there in a multitude of areas waiting for someone to come along and care. I pray we showed that we do.

Brandon represents an entire generation of the “last shall be firsts” who in my opinion, are the chosen generation. I believe they can lead us, if we would only listen to them. At our Gift, Passion, Purpose event yesterday we listened, gave hard truths, and critiqued their crafts whether it was listening to their rap music, R&B songs, or discussing the book, Your Gift, Your Passion, Your Purpose, by Robert S. Bey. We shared our experiences and discussed success as a Creative, in an uncoventional manner, that I believe resonated with the creatives like Brandon who were also in attendance.

You’d have to ask my guests if they were inspired, but when it comes to me, they definitely inspired me to keep on inspiring people. For me, there’s nothing better than living your best life, and whether it‘s high school, college, or the school of the hard knocks God will see you through if you’re willing.

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