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Derek Wallace: Executive Trainer, CEO of RVA Life Fitness

Derek Wallace, has a life-long obsession with health and wellness and as the owner of RVA Life fitness he’s dedicated to helping his clients transform their lives completely. Derek is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer with a specialization in women’s fitness and group personal training. He has trained professionally for four years and has been in love with fitness since the age of 14 years old when he got his first weight bench and began training to become a varsity wrestler and Tae Kwon Do sparring, forms, and breaking competitor.

Furthermore, a competitor he is.

He mentally and physically pushed himself to his limits daily. A typical day consists of waking up at 4 AM and his first client by 5 AM and then from 5-9 AM it’s back to back appointments or group classes, he takes a mid-morning snack and responds to emails and text messages before his next rush. From 11-1 AM it’s another round of back to back appointments, then maybe an hour for his own workout and then it’s his evening clients and group classes from 5-7:30PM. Working seven days a week juggling the responsibilities as a budding business owner and husband.

Derek measured his success in his results like helping his former 27-year-old female client lose 63 pounds in ten months, or another female client who had never lifted weights before and was diagnosed as underweight get to a healthy weight-range and to where she can now squat more than her own body weight. Finally, he helped a 25-year-old lose 30 pounds and double his bench press who then decided to become a certified personal trainer after his own transformation inspired him to enter into the industry professionally.

A few professional milestones includes graduating from VCU School of Business with a degree in Business Management in 2008, getting promoted after 6 months after college to senior analyst at Circuit City Corporation, getting his first fitness job at Gold’s gym in 2009 as a fitness consultant, then becoming a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness in 2016 and then promoted to assistant Fitness Director. He launched RVA Life Fitness in 2017 and then opened a second location in December 2017 and has since built a team of four trainers including himself and a yoga instructor.

His lifestyle consists of everything fitness and practicing a gluten and dairy-free, high protein diet. He enjoys sports, outdoors activities, camping, hiking, and is an avid motorcyclist and car enthusiast. He works hard to live life on his own terms which for him means to be loved and respected by the people closest to him and leaving a legacy of being inspirational and loved by many.

Being a health professional Derek feels compelled to educate his clients and because he experienced the devastating effects of chronic illness within his own family he vows to help his clients reduce medication dependency and improve their overall self-esteem. He loves it when he receives the phone calls and texts throughout the day from his clients who use to hate what they saw in the mirror and have since grown to love themselves. He sees the difference his work makes and he’s proud of it.

Contact Derek Wallace or RVA Life Fitness by email at Wallace.derek1@gmail.com

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