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Dion Madkins: The Family Man Spreading Hope To Kids Through Golf

Golf Pro, Owner at Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, Business Member Valid Until July 2018

Dion Madkins,

Dion M. Madkins, 32, first and foremost is a man of faith who wants his son and young African American kids everywhere to know that your past doesn’t dictate your future. Dion is a living testament to how a relationship with God and the determination to succeed can turn things around for you and give you a second chance at a better life.

Dion's earlier life was filled with what he believes were bad decisions on his part. Although he grew up in a supportive and loving family and good home Dion made the decision on his own accord to become a drug dealer. He spent years selling drugs until he made the decision to stop and rise above the street life to become the man he is today.

Dion is best described as "dedicated". He is a trusted golf instructor, golf player, and philanthropist who runs a nonprofit that exposes undeserved kids to the game of golf. For Dion golf is his ministry. It is what he uses to teach people, especially kids, life skills and how to succeed and win in golf and in life.

Dion’s interest in golf developed at age 24 shortly after the birth of his son. He was a latecomer by traditional standards to the sport but he took to the game of golf with ease and has since enjoyed an expansive sports career. He is a natural born leader and contender who has grown his golf career organically. As a self-taught player Dion is a golf phenomenon and skilled golf player, instructor and single digit handicap performer.

Dion is originally from Robbins, Illinois, and is currently based in Markham, Illinois. He has worked as a certified Club-smith and Club Fitter at Kellees Golf Shop for the past 4 years and has been an independent golf instructor, and an owner and entrepreneur in the sports education industry for 5 years. He is pursuing his goal of becoming a PGA golf instructor enrolled as an apprentice with the PGA program.

Dion works full-time as an Assistant Pro. at Glennwoodie Golf Club who attributes his success to his dedication to practice as a golfer and to his qualities as a man. As a certified golf instructor he is patient, disciplined, dedicated, and committed to longevity --- with a keen eye for talent.

Dion has been married for 4 years, and is a father to a 9 year old son. He holds the championship for the “Tuesday Night Leftover League” at Fountain Hills Golf Course, in Alsip, Illinois, and is a self-motivated visionaire who has plans to grow his nonprofit, Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, into a leading golf business, and himself and his golf career into becoming an African American PGA head pro Golf instructor at a country club.

Dion has professional aspirations of becoming a certified PGA teaching professional who is someday featured on the Golf Digest Magazine's Top Ten Golf Instructor Of The Year list. Dion is knowledgeable in ball flights and as an instructor he strives to simplify the game of golf and add to his client's natural abilities. He provides simplified golf lessons that give the fundamentals to being comfortable and consistent on the golf course.

Dion is endorsed by global retailer, Calloway Golf, and has been interviewed and quoted by Chicago Tonight, ABC 7 Chicago, Chicago Tribune, I AM Beautiful 365, and DNA Info, as an advocate. Dion mostly speaks from his heart and shares his views on wanting to see more black kids playing golf, self-respect, discipline, and diet and exercise.

In May 2016 he was given the opportunity to share his perspective and his passion for golf with the students and faculty members at Kolmar Middle School, during the, “Snowflake Program”, as the featured keynote speaker.

In his free-time Dion enjoys family time, riding motorcycles, and laughter.

Contact Dion directly for more information by email at hititstraightgolf@gmail.com

Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, is a non-profit dedicated to teaching and growing the game of golf to the people who the game wasn’t originally created for. Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP’s motto is, “shaping the future, one swing at a time”. We specialize in teaching kids the game of golf at an early age. Services provided are golf fitting, club smith, golf instruction, and clinics for beginners ranging from kids as early as 6 years old, to adults as old as 60.

Owner, Dion M. Madkins is an experienced golf pro who currently leads a junior PGA League, a Tuesday night ladies league, a Thursday night “Get Ready Golf” clinic, and a host of private lessons.

Dion is seeking to reinvest nearly 60 – 65% of his earning this year into the growth and expansion of his business. His expenses will total roughly $15K for necessities like professional memberships, paying for scholarships for underprivileged kids to attend his clinics, signage, marketing materials ( i.e t-shirts, golf shirts, hats, brochures, flyers ) his non-profit license, PGA renewal fees, traveling costs, swing coach fees, hiring golf instructors, and participation in tournaments and golf outings.

The potential return of investment is that Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, has business endorsement opportunities to offer that extend a 24% - 30% increase in sales revenue to local retailers. Minimizing the risks by being a company that is already endorsed by Calloway Golf, one of the biggest and most reputable golf retailer in the world. We are also offering a profit-share partnership opportunity with schools, other charities, and referral sources, and a franchising opportunity to take the Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, brand to other cities.

Hit It Straight Golf, NFP, recently acquired a full-time Chief Operating Officer, Warren Madkins, whose role it is to manage communications, and business development. Our 2017 marketing strategy is to maintain our current client base, and to scale at a steady pace by approaching local schools and parents directly by sending our business newsletter home with the students and positioning a promotional offer to parents to teach their kids how to play golf conveniently as an after school program.

Competitively we feel that Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, will excel. Where most golf instructors take away from the beginner’s natural swing and replace it with what they feel it should be. Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, enhances the golf experience by giving beginners the fundamentals they need to be confident and consistent on the golf course.

Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP is most marketable as one of the only black-owned golf academies in south-side Chicago. We are already well-known as a catalyst for change in the communities we serve, and viewed as a trusted resource and service provider to prospective minority golfers who we've seen firsthand take up the game of golf because of our owner’s personal brand.

Owner, Dion Madkin’s support of the Jackson Park Golf Course $30 mil renovation project, has place a public spotlight on his company. He has earned a great reputation as a family man and community leader who is often times turned to and relied on by his peers and decision makers who have sought his insight on the topic of diversity and inclusion.

Dion Madkins doesn't teach swings, he teaches ball flight laws ,and he inspires people to live better lives. It's a certain posture, and a certain way that the club should face at impact to achieve optimum ball flights. There’s nine ball flights in golf, and Hit It Straight Golf Academy, NFP, teaches them all.

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