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Dwayne Hirsch: Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur and Small Business Advocate

Dwayne Hirsch, 45, is best known as an opportunity broker with an unshakable work ethic in service to others. Dwayne remains an unrivaled business leader and networking enthusiast, after 25 plus years of service in his community. A frequent host and participant in business networking events, he also speaks publicly as an advocate for real estate development and small business ownership.

An experienced real estate agent, Dwayne currently helps others buy and sell properties in south-side Chicago, listing both investment properties and owner-occupied properties. Providing a total package to clients, he lists and markets properties for sellers, eliminating the need for them to invest in separate real estate advertising.

Buyers also benefit from Dwayne’s commitment to total service. He meticulously evaluates clients’ buying criteria, searches for properties, shows them, and connects buyers to resources they may need, such as loan officers, contractors, inspectors, and attorneys.

Dwayne has over 3 years of experience working full-time in the real estate industry. He is formerly an investor, turned agent, who has sold roughly 60 properties, to date, primarily in the Woodlawn, Chicago community. In 2016, he received recognition for his performance as the Top Neighborhood Producer in Units Sold for Woodlawn.

Dwayne is also the founder of The Hirsch Network Team of Coldwell Banker, a real estate team he created as a resource for home buyers, small business owners, and investors. From 2009 to 2012, Dwayne hosted the, “Business Spotlight Networking Event”, and, in 2011, he was named as one of the Top 25 Movers and Shakers by Rolling Out Magazine.

He has been featured as a Youth Mentor for Chicago Public Schools and is a Executive Board Member and Chapter Leader in Hyde Park for the Small Business Advocacy Council. He previously served one full year on the African American Advisory Council for The Illinois State Comptroller and was featured as a guest on WGN’s People to People Show with Micah Matterre in 2012. In 2011, The Chicago Tribune acknowledged his service and published an article for his “Business Spotlight Networking Event” program.

Dwayne is originally from the Auburn Gresham area of Chicago and is currently based in Woodlawn, Illinois. Professionally, he would like to model his career after Warren Buffett’s, through following Buffet’s example of obtaining ownership stake in more than 100 companies. Ultimately, Dwayne would like to help small business owners start and operate successful businesses in which he, too, would have a stake, ensuring each business’ success.

Dwayne is a devout father to two daughters and one son, aged 21, 14 and 10. He defines his success in life by measuring his success as a father, in raising his children effectively and guiding them to know that they have the ability to pursue whatever they want to in life.

Through events and social media interactions, Dwayne’s plans include continuous engagement through speaking and writing, to promote ideas, activities, and efforts that contribute to the betterment of communities. Whether it's fulfilling the need to purchase or sell a home, or advocating for small businesses, Dwayne is constantly serving and helping his community through helping others gain access to the resources and legal information they need to advance their interests. ​

Contact Dwayne Hirsch for more at hirshnetwork1@gmail.com

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