• India N. Miles

Getting Dressed, Debunking The Myth

It’s been easily a few years since I’ve had a reason to put on a gown but this Saturday for the Krowtanem Beauty and Barber Ball, presented by, Krowtanem Beauty and Barber Lounge (which spells ”Men at Work” backwards), I had just the occasion.

Notice that I didn’t say getting dressed —up. Wrong. There’s this myth that being dressed in anything besides active wear means to be ”dressed up”. False, in actuality dressed means wearing apparel like slacks, shoes, heels, flats, polo shirt, buttoned down, blouse, and dresses. Pretty much everything besides active wear to depict a sense of style.

To be dressed up is wearing a Gown, tux, formal wear etc.

You can thank me later. If you’re over 30 and mostly still wearing sneakers, joggers, active wear, leggings, tees etc. it’d be wise to have someone teach you how to dress in a social setting i.e. Dating and Dinner with friends versus business settings, classroom settings, and public and private settings. Style can constantly change and with a little help you can create a unique style of your own that accentuates your best attributes. Get help if you need it.

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