• India N. Miles

I am Grateful For Women Like You Inspired Post

I’ve been a student of life watching my friend Ashley Twitty for 20+ years. Way back in high school when we were cheerleaders she made varsity, which was unusual because we were both in the same grade and you had to be great to make it. Needless to say I never made varsity but Ashley did. I liked that about her and unlike the other girls Ash stuck out to me. She privately motivated me and I always thought to myself I want to aspire to be more like her. Her jumps were perfect. I mean, perfect.

She won the interest of a boy that was in the same grade as us that I liked for a really long time, but I never got. When she got him, I told myself, “yeah that’s a great choice”, Ashley’s cool. Her demeanor was always so kind, that’s just the type of person she is and the type of person I wanted to be. She has always been a great big sister to her little sister and a great friend to everyone. Her mom is very nice too.

Years later after high school after Ashley got married, a mutual friend of ours from back then came to me criticizing and talking about Ashley judging her marriage and her having kids shortly thereafter at her age. She didn’t approve and didn’t think Ashley’s marriage would make it. I disapproved of that message and knowing myself I probably checked that girl.

Being someone who had watched and admired Ashley for years. Not envying what she had but learning and being truly happy for her. I on the other hand had always found myself motivated by her and secretly wanting us to be closer than we are. Present day, I want and choose to have friends like Ashley in my life, people who are and have always been golden.

Needless to say, I’m not friends with that other girl anymore. May God bless, watch, and keep her. I’m certain if she was talking about Ashley she was talking about me too. Im sure there’s things about my life that she’d disapprove of too, because if honoring God by getting married and having a family is a bad thing then surely whatever she deems “good” is not. I’m not connected to that other girl anymore but here Ashley and I are still connected after 20 years of friendship.

I’m grateful for you being in my life Ashley. I’m grateful to God that there’s women like you setting the example that you set for women like me. We may have been in the same grade and we may be the same age but God has been using you for a very long time and I have the eyes to see that now. Your testimony and your courage to share it has inspired me to be a better me. You are a beautiful person inside and out and may we reconnect in person someday soon.

May the lesson from how you’ve impacted my life teach others that no matter how you do it when you’re being your best you are blessing someone, and you may not even know it. There is so much good God has in store for you and much more to come for you darling. Enjoy this new season in your life. Thus says the lord. Shalom.

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