• India N. Miles

I am My Faith Personified Inspired Post

Didn’t want to speak but God said speak. No I don’t have formal training — No I don’t have money for the reinvestment. I hated the climb but I do it everyday. Every step of the way I hate watching people who have way more than me do less for people like me. The underdogs the ones who are clawing their way up out of poverty and a life of ruins without as much of a true friend to endure with. Let me be your friend. I hate having to live with this heartbreak of leaving so many behind, but I do. I hate seeing better yet feeling the sadness of those I can’t help knowing, like me, they need what I have to give them — hope. I didn’t save myself God did. I chose not to give up.

I hated the way I spoke and talked and wrote for a long time until I learned to love me. It showed my informal education, my flaws and in my world flaws are weakness.

I refine these gifts that God gave everyday. I’m better at speaking, better at writing — simply better. Got more resources now, more friends, more support. I built this for me but I share it with many and I’m not stopping until we are the best.

I am my faith personified, I mean it I say it I do it I take it. I talk like it hurts because it does. I sound angry because I am. I have an attitude problem and I’m just learning to smile from having joy and not to spite the devil. I’m not a scholar but I’m crazy smart, and I don’t care to shine. I witnessed what I know with God in my heart and Jesus as my role model I am my higher heights ✨ #BEST

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