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YOUR BEST LIFE --- I know it's late but this couldn't wait until the morning. It's not edited either so please forgive all errors. I want to thank each small business who allowed me to host a book signing in December, thank you. From the bottom of my heart I'm grateful for my mini-book tour and the ability to sell, fund-raise, and further God's word. Thank you for your messages and the appreciation of my testament to my experiences.

Lots of changes this year, 2019 is already starting off with me doing a lot of things differently like this, a lot more writing more and reading, and let's not forget my self-care is on fleek. Additionally, the types of people I've been adding to my network has changed a lot too. I'm striving to be fulfilled spiritually so if it's good for my soul I'm going to indulge period.

I've discovered the strength in being vulnerable and of how freeing it is and I'm hooked. I'm all the more inspired to keep this living in my truth thing going. It wasn't easy getting here though, I hid from the public eye for about (3) years after my last relationship ended. Despite how it may seem I don't always feel inspired, supported, or loved in my personal life no matter how much I receive, I am in a constant battle with loneliness and wanting to be left alone.

I prefer to be alone on this walk and tuned into hearing and obeying God above all --- which is who I'm referring to in the "together" portion of my acronym Building Economic Stability Together. It wasn't until I let go and let God lead me that I started living my best life. Until then, no matter how hard I worked or how much someone loved me I was still unhappy.

I couldn't see the forest for the trees. No one really tells you how expensive your yes though. Well, let me know the one who doesn't paint you a pretty picture. It cost me everything. My family (estrangement) my marriage (divorce) my house (foreclosure) my car (repossession) my credit, my rental history, my friends, my pride, and even my church family for me to get here, and I'm still not 100% sure if here is an ending point or another beginning. I digress.

Just know, I'm scared all the time until my faith kicks in. The yes's are getting harder and I still have those pesky human emotions and inadequacies. When does it end? Am I pleasing God? What else is there? It's a roller coaster ride everyday. The things God had me give up to qualify me to give is a trip when I think about it. I basically said one big yes that resulted into another (10) or so small yes's and then from there the choice was made clear. The conversation got more like, I guess so Lord, I mean I've come this far and there's really nothing left to go back to.

Once I moved to Chicago and survived (no shade to Chi I love it there) I reached my spiritual point of no return.

I am truly living my best life -- now. That is, since I've fixed my stank attitude. I get to meet new people everyday, I'm supported by people from all over the world, and its God word who connects us. Hearing them tell me how I impact them never gets old. It makes it worth it.

To find my footing I had to stop attempting to retire myself. I've stopped telling myself, well when I have kids, or when I get to this phase in my life, it wont be like that. Truth it, it will. This is who I am and I'm here to stay. I will always love big.

Thank you again for supporting, joining, and growing my network. You can expect my latest project the Your BEST Life magazine to debut next month. My team and I are busy at work creating content for it now, in the meantime I will continue to keep sharing my book, and as much daily inspiration here as I can muster.


India P.

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