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Inspiration by India Parson: Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Written by India Parson

#INSPIRATION ‼️ This didn’t just happen over night. Sixteen years ago, when I was sixteen years old I married my high school sweetheart and my life went into full throttle. Weird right? I know, I know, but on the scale of decisions that I’ve made that have positively impacted my life — I own that one full on.

During the five years we were married, him 18 and me 16, the only baby we birthed together was this bundle of joyful life lessons. I loved 💕 me some him ya’ll but I failed him as a wife. Those failures although humbling as they are, were my claim to something much greater. My life’s purpose.

If you live long enough you’re sure to have a few regrets and mine are loosing my first true love and failing at love over and over again because I didn’t know then what I know now.

I am passionate about teaching others’ life skills and self-help because it first saved me.

Whatever I didn’t know then when my younger self was searching for answers I turned to mentors, books, and magazines for help.

Now, I write books, magazines, and mentor. Look at God. I know the sorrow of defeat without adequate life-skills and I know success with them.

Sending a heart full of many thanks to those of you who allowed me the space and time to grow into HER and to those of you who allow me to inspire you, may Yah bless you. #liveyourbestlife #happysummer #testimonytuesday

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