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John Morris: Teacher and Minister Uplifting Lives With A Smile On His Face

John Morris currently teaches English (Reading and Writing), ministers music, and serves as an ordained deacon at his local church, Refuge Temple Ministries of Warfield, Virginia and claims that he began serving THE LORD consciously at the age of 18 years old which is also when he was ordained. Ever since he began his career in education on February 6, 2017, John’s enjoyed the opportunity of inspiring his students from his 12th graders he taught while at Bluestone High School and his 8th graders at James Solomon Russell Middle School where he is contracted for the 2017-2018 school year to learn reading comprehension and writing skills that are essential to success in grade school and beyond.

His 8th graders have four SOL content area tests of which he has to prepare his students for the English content assessments. John does so by pre-assessing students and using the results from those assessments to drive the instruction through multimedia, complex texts, and other related resources.

He is a team member of the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports team (PBIS) that collaborates to improve the behavioral climate of his school and create a positively charged school environment through appropriate interventions, incentives, and input from students, staff, and the community.

As a deacon, John is responsible for watching over his pastor, church family, and church grounds. He assists with serving communion to church parishioners whether at the church site or in-home locations serves as a praise and worship leader, outreaches by calling and checking on church members and widows about their welfare as an extension of his pastor, works with the food bank ministry, building maintenance and hospitality.

Some of his professional milestones include success as a published co-editor of a literary journal filled with poems and short stories, being a highly needed and qualified young educational professional, and being hired as a teacher soon after his college graduation. He is currently in a Masters of Education program furthering his learning by pursing a degree in curriculum and instruction with a concentration in trauma and resilience in educational settings.

John loves to travel both domestically and internationally and has visited the European cities of Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome and Athens. He enjoys intra-state travel, tennis, cooking, shopping, card games, board games and various genres of music, for outside of serving God and serving others John’s passion is music. He hopes to someday include music in his profession and is currently seeking mentors to assist him.

Seeing and igniting the spark in his students helps fulfill his life’s purpose of bringing glory to God. He loves seeing students engaged in the learning process and seeing students apply the positive things they have acquired while under his tutelage and he believes in students gaining and wielding critical thinking skills which he hopes will help them to make wise life choices that lead to success.

John is originally from Lawrenceville, Virginia and currently lives there.

Being debt-free, spiritually energized and successful when it comes to his life’s work of bringing glory to God are all goals of his along with aspiring to offer his community and the world something that is unique to him and significant to his character whether through his writing or music where he aims to exalt THE LORD and empower people.

Where there is a lack of happiness, John hopes to uplift spirits. He is noticeably a happy person and is noted for seeming to perpetually have a smile on his face. He carries a nature of optimism and happiness wherever he goes and strives to be accountable and an efficient steward and hopes to be remembered as someone who lived a remarkable life filled with love, joy, empowerment, contributions to his community, success in his professional career, music, ministry and praise unto God.

Please contact John Morris by email at soundofjoyjcm@gmail.com

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