• India N. Miles

Julian Greene and Nikkea Sharee: Wakanda Forever!

Wakanda Forever --- immediately after arriving at Ubora's Books and Beauty event this past weekend I felt a Wakanda vibe come over me. Black people. Ha! No seriously, I'm always so inspired by artists. They get to do what I can't --- create freely. Those in my network would argue otherwise but I'm no comparison to free-spirits like shop owners Nikkea and Julian, they get to be creatives 24/7.

Julian is a barber and shop owner, painter, and entrepreneur and I might add, one heck of a shop DJ and MC of Hospitality. While the Mrs. is a filmmaker, author, spoken word and visual artist, jewelry designer and T.V. producer. What I love most about this husband and wife duo is their passion for story telling. Whether it's through their art or visual creations they use what God gave them to tell stories that otherwise wouldn't be told.

When I think of Wakanda I think of a safe space to be pridefully black. A place where you can feel at home and not in a watered down black aphorism of what society deems black enough. I'm inserting this strictly as my opinion, but the way my anointing is set-up I am Pro-black (with my Malcom X fist high) everything with one condition, I'm Pro-Kingdom first. I don't pledge sororities or do multi-level marketing because of my beliefs and as a preference I don't exclusively define "my people" as strictly blacks. My people are God's people period, but I'll save that soapbox for another day.

In closing, let's celebrate our Wakanda places right here that reside in our own backyards. The barbershops and hair salons and fish fry joints that make us feel like home. What say ye? I say Wakanda is where-ever we are and how we choose to use our creativity.

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