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Kevin Davenport: Millennials Make Good Entrepreneurs And This Is Why

Working with my newest business partner, Kevin Davenport, founder and CEO of The Ideal Candidate, inspired me to show my appreciation of me-llinials. When I first started my business I was 25 years old and very determined to prove to myself I could do it. I think we all feel that way at first. But as time went on, this nagging insecurity of why don't I fit in grew, and grew. It took me years to accept that my differences were actually strengths --- and that we uh...rock!

Despite how you may feel you don't have to try and be different, you already are. Just give yourself permission to accept who you are. When you follow your heart your path can't help but to be yours. The world, and everything in it, is so attainable, and in true millennia fashion — we want it all at first and no matter what happens on the way, we persevere.

I'd best describe millennials as resilient. Truth moment: I had a unfair advantage when deciding to become an entrepreneur full-time. It was always my dream because I was raised in a family where everyone was one. They showed me the ropes, but even with that, a lot of the skills I have now came pretty naturally. With practice of course.

I've met others where this is NOT the case.

But the onslaught of having a crappy economy forced - we - the millennials have no choice but to be different. We MUST not only be different, but we must be phenomenal. We have student loans out the woo hoo ( or at least I know I do ) and if it weren't for our combatively creative spirits, we'd have nothing else to put hope into. Like really, what else is there?

I'd advise all struggling millennials out there to dare to be different. The thing about being at the top of this "most likely to succeed by any means necessary" list, is you have no choice but to figure it out.

There's a YouTube tutorial for everything you want to learn, and we are so overly informed it's sickening.

Here's my top 2 dare to be different business ideas that I'd do myself if I wasn't already maxed out.



1. Resell

Do resell. There's all of these amazing Instagram pages I follow. Have you ever thought about reselling collectibles, furniture, or products. Tip: Buy low and sell high or don't buy at all. There's tons of shops that don't have an Instagram page. Man their IG presence, get your hashtag game on point...#lifegoals...and serve!

2. There's an App for That!

Start a tech tutoring and support company for Baby Boomers. On average 2 out of every 4 adult aged 65 or older does not know how to use their smart device effectively. Start a consulting company charging a flat rate for service to "old folks".

--- for basic iPhone, android, and iPad — guidance for the latest apps, like photo filters, and new tech features.

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