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Kim Grigsby: Executive Director of Chicago Tool Bank

R. Kimberly Grigsby, Executive Director of Chicago Community ToolBank, serves as a Senior Business Consultant to organizations nationwide, offering her expertise in diversity, finances, organizational structure, and succession planning. As a nonprofit executive, she juggles the roles of Chief Brand Officer and Chief Program Director, overseeing the care of borrowed inventory, reviewing applications, recruiting member agencies, fundraising and writing grants, and developing programs to generate funds.

Ms. Grigsby credits her understanding of group dynamics and efficiency to her experience as well as to her studies in political science and law. A graduate of Spellman College and Howard University School of Law, Ms. Grigsby began her career as Regional Director under the University of South Carolina’s Director of Grant Programs. Overseeing eight campuses and thousands of individuals, working with a multitude of organizations, Ms. Grigsby wrote, edited, audited, and administered hundreds of grants.

She went on to become a state solicitor for South Carolina, eventually leaving her post to practice law. A skilled litigator, Ms. Grigsby specialized in family law and high-end financials, finally transitioning into business law. Combining her legal knowledge and expertise as a business consultant, Ms. Grigsby has developed hundreds of programs for dozens of organizations seeking to increase their market share.

Ms. Grigsby was the recipient of her firm’s Exemplary Leadership Award, helping one organization raise $6 million in 18 months. She fostered normalization of relationships between parents, promoting father’s rights initiatives in Georgia and Illinois, as a member of various legislative groups. She speaks fluent Russian and French, as well as English.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Ms. Grigsby currently lives in Hyde Park in Chicago, Illinois. She regularly participates in local politics, listening to and engaging in debates on issues affecting the communities in which she lives and works. She takes special interest in how these issues affect the American and global economies.

Ms. Grigsby also enjoys traveling to remote areas, such as Alaska, and to areas of Europe offering educational experiences. Her ideal job would involve travel, working as an agent or ambassador for agencies such as the Foreign Service or the State Department. At home, Ms. Grigsby studies extensively, exploring new concepts and interviewing people on subjects like diversity, intellectual property, and organizational structure.

R. Kimberly Grigsby can be reached at insertemailhere@email.com.

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