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Life is Easier Because I’m Stronger India Parson Inspired Post

I love the Lord. I sent a few prayers up last year, that I’m certain the Lord not only heard, but answered. I didn’t have a place to live, again. The place I was fixing up wasn’t ready, and the developer had conveniently stopped corresponding with me. The place I was blessed with to stay at for a month, the lady who owned it, wouldn’t extend me anymore grace. I couldn’t even stay the weekend to find somewhere else to go. I had a few hours to figure out what I was going to do. Did I cry? Yes. Did I feel sorry for myself? Yes. Was I frustrated? Absolutely. I went to church that night heavy, and instead of interceding for others, or for the city of Petersburg — I interceded for myself. I called on God and he answered. I decreed and declared that I’d find a place and was blessed that same night with a place to live.

It’s not even been a year later and I’m in my own place. Blessed to be able to sell my book online and minister full-time. Life is easier because I’m stronger. Did I say I love the Lord? I do. Many a time I’ve been called crazy (Oh that’s just crazy India), I’ve been thought of as less than, or treated poorly and falsely accused. I felt bad about not being able to pay my way while preaching on a God most view as an ATM. I let my hurt feelings keep me from having confidence in the one I serve. Every time I’ve called on God, he’s been there cheering me on. Fighting my battles. Vindicating me. I have the favor of the Lord on my life, he’s anointed me to do what most won’t, and he is good to me.

If you’re serving the Lord, make the choice to endure until the end. Cry But Don’t Quit, it’s not just my book, it’s my go to affirmation. Every time I’m low, it’s gets me right. My goal is to give others the encouragement and power to fight. My end is looking bright, real bright. Is yours? Shalom everybody and happy Wednesday. May God bless, watch, and keep you.


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