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March Newsletter "American Evolution"

Chief of the Chickahominy India Tribe, Fort Monroe Authority Executive Director Glenn Oder, Secretary of the Commonwealth Kelly Thomasson, Dr. Benjamin P.Campbell Associate Pastor St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Jennifer McClellan Senate of Virginia, Dr. Lenneal Henderson, Adjunct Professor of Government William and Mary

We enjoyed serving American Evolution's, Faith Journey in the Black Experience: 1619-2019, on March 20-21, 2019, and learning the history of colonization through to modern history and faith. From all perspectives faith was presented and represented to narrate the last 400 years of evolution here in America.

The photos we took captured the essence of the three day event, first held at Virginia's, Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia, and ending at the Claude G. Perkins Living and Learning Center at Virginia Union University. What an event, infused with poetry, re-enactments by Frederick Douglas, key note speeches, and much more. The conference explored faith --- then and now.

Adele Johnson, Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia, Executive Director

Our only critique was we would've liked to have seen and heard the speakers of God's word reverenced, and not referred to as you do any other history book. The 400 years the conference was created to commemorate is in honor of a prophesy, given in the scriptures in, Genesis 15, 15:17, by God, to Abram. We would've liked to seen the organizers, and speakers teach and preach a word concerning what God was telling us then about his chosen people, and what God may be trying to tell us now.

When the question of, "what do we do now", was posed to the leadership panel at the end of day three, we heard the word reconciliation -- a lot. Each leader in their own way, and in so many words, said that by rewriting Virginia's history books, and telling children in future generations the whole truth, however ugly it may be, it will reconcile the sins of our country's past. We posed the question to ourselves, what does God want us to do? His word tells us to make an atonement, and to obey the laws he set-fourth on holiness in Leviticus. Will an apology suffice for generations of lawlessness? What and whom should we concern ourselves with making a reconciliation unto? Man or God?

Here's the link to all event photos, photographed by B.E.S.T. LLC., enjoy and please feel free to contact us at info@wearebest.org for all inquiries.


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