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Meet Our Newest Business Member: Donna Blackwell Owner Of Waterbury Jewels

Donna Blackwell is most passionate about how her day job impacts lives. For the past 20 years she has had the responsibility of testing building materials for asbestos as a PLM (Polarized Light Microscopy ) Analyst, and has also turned a hobby of designing jewelry into a thriving Etsy business.

Donna has been the owner and operator of Waterbury Jewels since 2009 where she curates a handcrafted jewelry line made from the stones from the earth, and then sells her pieces online using Etsy and other social media platforms. Donna keeps up to date on knowing the latest design techniques and she goes above the call of duty at work to meet the dual demands. It was at work and her being able to visually see how the rocks that contain asbestos look in their rare form versus how they look under a microscope that inspired her curiosity to use stones in their natural beauty as a wearable artform.

Donna has since diligently grown her jewelry business into a provider of goods that help women feel and look good with a one of a kind product that will last for years to come.

She is an active business member of Building Economic Stability Together, LLC, and was awarded PLM Analyst of the year in 1998, and in 2009 she became a worldwide team leader for Etsy Artists of Color (EAOC). She served as the Clerk Secretary for Hungary Road Baptist Church from June 2014 and stepped down in May 2017 to focus on her growing jewelry business. Donna attended Roche Laboratory in 1993 - 1995; and attended EHS ( Environmental Hazard Services ) July of 1995 where she worked until January 30, 2003; and then began at American Science Richmond in February 2003 where she is currently still employed.

From 1981 - 1983 she attended Reading Area Community College and majored in Computer Programming. She also spent 3 yrs in Reading-Muhlenburg Vocational Technical School for chemical technology and instrumentation concurrent with high school.

Donna is originally from Reading, Pennsylvania, and is currently residing on the north-side of Richmond, Virginia, and she enjoys spending time with her daughter, making and designing jewelry, crocheting, sewing, and when she can she enjoys to cook.

She dreams of someday growing Waterbury Jewels to a point where she will be able to retire and live off of the income it generates and it’s the thought of her being her own boss that keeps her motivated and driven to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Contact Donna Blackwell for more information at waterburyjewels@hotmail.com

Waterbury Jewels began in 2009 by owner Donna Blackwell who was a hobbyist who grew her favorite pastime into a thriving Etsy business. Waterbury is the name of the street she used to live on when she first started her business and Donna designs necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that are individually unique.

Waterbury Jewels hopes to become a brand name in the jewelry design industry by offering unique and classy yet simple pieces of handcrafted jewelry made from stones from the earth.

Our customers will stand out with different and unique one of a kind pieces that can’t be reproduced or found anywhere else. Although our pieces are made from real stones, which can be assumed to be heavy, our owner’s years of experience in studying stones and jewelry design results in lightweight options like shells, wood beading, and weight balancing for a comfortable yet sophisticated fit every time.

We will also offer options to redesign pieces or update any jewelry that customers bring in to us from there own collection. Jewelry is given as gifts, for special occasions, to commemorate a career or personal milestone and we hope to design a sentimental and meaningful piece that fits our customer’s needs.

Waterbury Jewels is ready to grow and expand. Our goal is to invest in advertising as a vendor and build and launch our own website, continue using Etsy, and social media. As well as get added business from our West Morlin Musuem Shop location in Pennsylvania.

Contact Donna Blackwell at waterburyjewels@hotmail.com for more information.


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