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Photo Session: Shermaine Brown-Wade, Owner of Nourish to Fitness, Updates Her Imagery for Instagram

Shermaine Brown-Wade is a BEST - IL Honorary Member. As the only honorary member we had for nearly two years. We've since expanded to honor many other whose image we feel personify our corner-stone values. Shermaine is the genesis of that representation. We gifted her honorary membership status because of her loyalty to her chapter even before Illinois had one.

She began her relationship with TBN as a client in 2016 after completing her training with Sunshine Enterprises. She came to TBN seeking business support. She was a few years into growing her nutrition and personal fitness company and was need of an approach to retain more paying clients.

We helped her decide on what imagery to use for her website, and way to implement direct marketing that would attract her target market to her. We also helped her identify who her clientele should be and how much she should charge for her services that would help her meet her financial goals.

During our recent visit to Chicago she made a donation to support her chapter. We asked her if there anything we could do in exchange that could best serve her ,and she said it was. She explained how she really needed quality pictures and help editing her video snippets for her instagram account. Here's pictures from her shoot with us of Shermaine in action training clients.

Please visit Shermaine at https://www.nourishtofitness.com/ for more details about her and her business.

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