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Robert S. Bey | Aiming Above Your Mark

Robert S. Bey --- what inspires me most about Robert S. Bey a.k.a Sir Bey is his flamboyance. His sense of style, or better yet his choice of style. I discovered his music before meeting him, and as I watched a video of him on YouTube perform, I said to myself, he’s got it.

The infamous “it” defined as the God-factor. The thing that makes us explicitly a light, or as we say “lit”, and only those given eyes to see can see. Is he the best performer? Who am I to judge? Do I feel fed while listening to him share his inspired messages on his Instagram (@sir_bey)? Absolutely.

Robert, or as his friends call him "Streetz", is a trip all by himself. His use of the English vocabulary in his newly released book, Your Gift Your Passion Your Purpose" Activation and Actualization at Your Highest Potential, is noteworthy. It will literally have you scouring the thesaurus searching for the meaning of words like, “omnipresence observation” and “primordial”. Ha! Admittedly, I critiqued him the whole way through and laughed at his proverbial display, yet all the while learning. The most important thing his book taught me was about aiming higher than my mark.

I made the mistake of setting a goal to sell 500 books in December only to sell 100. The emotional fall out was prevalent, and when I didn’t meet my goal, I got depressed, became stressed, and unmotivated. I'm never unmotivated but boy was I in a funk! One that resulted in me overeating, battling a deflated ego --- and an inflated waist-line.

I learned from Streetz/Robert/Sir Bey that we are supposed to aim higher than our mark.

Book Excerpt:

To quote his book, in Chapter 18 entitled, Point of Focus, he writes:

"a true marksman will tell you that in order to hit a target right in the bulls-eye you must aim above the target opposed to directly aiming at it. The reason you must aim above the target is because of gravitational pull, the air, even the weight of the bullet all factor into the bullet dropping lower while traveling relative to the distance of its target."

Had I set my target higher, say for 1000 books, or even 700, the unforeseen adversities would've already been accounted for and factored into me taking a different approach, hence helping me better manage stress. My how much I've grown. Thank you for your positive message Sir Bey.

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