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Sharing Some Imaging Insight on How-to Effectively Engage and Benefit When Using TBN's Facebook

Hi everyone, India here. Thanks for supporting us here at The B.E.S.T Network. I've taken the time to update TBN's Facebook Group rules to offer members and my supporters some imaging insight on how-to use and benefit from our FB Group -- THE BEST NETWORK -- to give you the best return for your investment of time.

Facebook is oftentimes not viewed as the preferred way to connect anymore. But for years I have personally enjoyed the professional benefits of conveniently networking and marketing using social media. Chances are most of you made your first contact with me through social media. It's because I identified early on how to leverage social equity for advancement in life that I've grown TBN to where we are now, entirely through using my social media accounts and my strong people skills

I virtually meet people who I don't know personally and I accept their friend request and introduce myself just like what I'd normally do if I met them in person. Then I'd offer them to further our connection by phone. If they don't respond then I make one or two minor follow-ups before dissolving the connecting. I love Facebook's read receipt because it at least shows you that you've been ignored. I am not a fan of being salesy, be direct. If you think someone will benefit from your services then tell them that directly or else don't mention it. People will already assume when you're in business for yourself that you're trying to sell them something. Remind them of the fact that everyone isn't your customer.

Experience teaches you who to approach and who not to. Qualifiers can be used like, can they afford you? Do you have things in common? Can you be a resource to them? Use TBN's group to share PT job opportunities. Or share surveys that can help you build your portfolio or brand identity. The key is to share a willingness for vulnerability. Share what you're working on while you're working on it, with us, versus promoting it after the fact, and watch how much support you get in return.

Unlike popular belief there's a lot of personal success in saying, "Hi", to a total stranger. Just because you don't do business together doesn't mean there's other reasons why you shouldn't connect. There's other like-interests that are equally valuable. Latest tech trends, apps, software, laws, family services, career opportunities etc. We rely on our personal networks for much more than we realize. The mistake a lot of people make is they don't know how valuable social equity is. I digress.

Although group posts don't typically get a lot of "likes" I've tracked ours throughout the years and the one's that do pretty average are those that are personable. People are watching and vetting your every post and profiles closely. Whatever your image is on FB dictates whether a stranger will respond or engage with you in Direct Messenger. If you choose to use my method know the average response rate is 80%. Your approach is everything.

TBN's Facebook Group -- THE BEST NETWORK -- is a free resource just waiting for you to start using for your benefit.

Ways TBN's Facebook Group Benefits You:

(1) save time -- TBN's group is a tool connecting you to like-minded professionals from all over the country... that P.S. are already in your network...all you have to do is say "Hi" to them publicly, introduce yourself, and remain engaged during our discussions to meet new people and make new friends. You're out of luck if you're simply looking to promote your business. People (myself included) are sick of being sold-to on social media. You wont get any new customers from TBN.

(2) targeted sharing -- share pictures or posts sharing how you used our advice and achieved something spectacular, share a personal milestones, celebrate a recent connection you met through TBN. This is NOT some narcissistic way of asking members to promote TBN ... it's an example of what we train clients to do when implementing social etiquette. Join, engage, and grow your network.

(3) build real relationships virtually...TBN's Facebook group is the most convenient way to network with the many people who are joining my network daily. I've done the hard part for you which is finding quality people you should meet. You simply use the group or our annual report -- and connect conveniently.

Side Note: If you're a generic networker and not someone who knows how to build equitable relationships when connecting then you should definitely seek executive image consulting from this organization. You're missing out on making real connections.

Here's The Updated Description:

Welcome, our group is dedicated to keeping the TBN member network engaged and inspired to live their best lives. You can expect to receive inspirational and informative posts exclusively being shared here and not from our company blog ( wearebest.org). We encourage you to share with us also. Please use the hash-tag(s) #wearebest #LYBL or #thebestnetwork when sharing either how our advice has impacted your life and when sharing ways we can better serve you. Please make it personal and keep it professional.

Group Rules:

(1) Share personalized posts with us, no shares, promotions, or selling. Address #teamBEST or #BESTVA or #BESTIL in your post when sharing to let us know how we have helped your or ways we can get involved in your initiative. We'd love to help.

(2) Use your hash-tag if you're a member, or address "India" personally in your post for feedback.

(3) Please no selling. This is not a traditional business network. We network here simply to encourage our supporters to support one another.

(4) Like posts, and engage with us. Ask questions, start discussions, and let's talk about the things that matter.

(5) Patronize. Please support the cause. We are a charity and in order for us to continue being a resource we need members and supporters to pay dues. Please message us at info@wearebest.org about more ways to give.

Feedback welcome. Join our discussion over in the Facebook group for more.

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