• India N. Miles

This is Interdependence: I Got You and You Got Me Inspired Post

Thanking my business coach and friend, Donna Kunde for her fortitude and faithfulness. She attends every planning meeting. Returns every call and makes every payment without complaint. For the past few months she has patiently served alongside me until this time arrived. As my coach, every coaching session that we've had together has resulted in my personal and professional growth, friendship, forgiveness, and the space and time to think and act with clarity.

This wouldn't be possible for me without our friendship. I wouldn't trust her to give me true advice that is not cloaked in your John Maxwell training, and military background. There's people who tell you what they believe you should do, there's people who tell you what they think, and then there's Donna. A woman perfecting her craft using Christ.

If I know anything I know that God uses her to bless the very thing he's entrusted me to do, and I'm honored to have her as a sounding board and friend. Her suggestions are golden because of her alignment of them with the Holy Spirit. I thank her for her prayers and her personal sacrifices to see to it that I succeed, and I thank her for her gift of clearing the fog. I have clarity, I have peace, and I am happy to have her.

Donna, keep being the vessel God designed you to be, and keep blessing people with your business coaching practice.

With love,


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