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We Are Superwomen

I believe women are born superheros. Some know it at birth and others discover along the way. But, we are all superwomen. Reflecting back on my 2020 Superwoman Award has got me thinking about what it takes to remain phenomenal and one thing I know for sure is it takes having a healthy support system, self-confidence, and a clear vision for your life.

In my new coaching programs I'm providing support to superwomen. My webinar "Improving Your Image" takes place on July 6, 2020. For more details please reply to this newsletter "I'm interested" and I'll get you the information on how to attend my next Zoom meeting.

There's nine very easy steps that I wrote about in my handbook for success, Cry But Don't Quit, 9 Steps to Living Your Best Life Now, that has blessed tons of women. Purchase your copy here and allow me to honor and support you so you can continue supporting others.

Subscribe and share to help others enjoy success. My newsletter and my inspiration can be found by subscribing and following me on all of my social media platforms (@empowermentbyindia). You can also encourage others to join my new female empowerment Facebook group entitled, Cry But Don't Quit = Women + Black + Empowered, and engage in powerful healing discussions on growth and obtaining personal success.

Thanks again for allowing me to honor and serve you. Blessings and shalom.

India Miles

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