About the Central Virginia BEST Network


The Central Virginia BEST Network is a donor network created to raise awareness, mobilize leaders, and bring together people who help us further our mission of inspiring people in Petersburg Virginia to live their best lives.


We have an in-person networking event every month, as well as, community service opportunities hosted periodically for our members to enjoy. We also offer a monthly newsletter that informs our members about our upcoming activities.


We are highly involved and dedicated to supporting Petersburg, Virginia, and it is our hope that we inspire our members to be as well. Attend our next networking event as our guest to hear all about how becoming a member of The BEST Network helps us continue our efforts of mentoring students at Virginia State University and Petersburg High School, strengthening our faith-based business advocacy, and providing programming for our community.


Please consider becoming a member of our organization.


Are you ready to start living your best life? Here are a few benefits of joining our network.  


Making it easy for hardworking professionals to meet new people. Expect to make social connections while attending our monthly networking event. 


Access to your city's officials, community leaders, and area change agents. We bring influencers in to speak to you about available resources and ways to align your efforts with the city's goals. 


Gain access to our network of donors and supporters. Present your ideas and enjoy the support of area leaders. 

Education & Training

Starting a faith-based business? Experiencing a major transition in life? Get the love and support and education you need to start living your best life now. 

Membership Registration


Our Mission: To bring together donors, volunteers, and benevolent business owners from within the Central Virginia region who help us sustain our organization’s charitable and advancement efforts for the residents and youth of Petersburg, Virginia. 


Our Vision: We envision banding together under Christian principles to further a thriving belief in a kingdom way of life for all residents and youth of Petersburg, Virginia — of faith, family, community, love, hope, and happiness. 


Things to note: 


(1) CVBESTN is a program financially supported by Building Economic Stability Together LLC., 


(2) BEST LLC., is a faith-based for-profit entity that sells branded merchandise i.e. books, buttons, wristbands etc., that educates, empowers, and inspires people to live their best life. 


Our target market is African American Christian women ages 25-45 years old who are seeking encouragement during the transitional time in their lives when they’ve decided to serve God fully. 


(3) CVBESTN will be registered as a charitable tax-exempt membership organization where ALL members have equal and shared voting rights.  Members will decide collectively who becomes a member, how funds are allocated, and what community service initiatives are supported.  


Our Pillars: 


Education: We will mentor and educate children and community members in kingdom principles as it pertains to living an abundant, healthy and happy life. 


Employment: We will advocate for faith-based business and empower those in need of work with the necessary resources to employ themselves and others. 


Empowerment: We will convict lost souls back unto Christ, as a way of life, in the marketplace, workplace, and the places of worship where God leads us to minister. 


Membership: Beginning March 1, 2020, active CVBESTN members will pay $59 a month in membership dues which covers their access to our monthly members-only general body meetings. Members’ only attire. Voting rights. Presenting rights. 


Our Pledge: We pledge to attract vested supporters who sow into the well-being of the people and youth of Petersburg and not solely into its economic opportunities. We will discern and hold others accountable for their service to Petersburg’s residents and youth. We will inform and be inclusive to community members. We will fight for what is right for the majority within God’s governing guidelines. 


Expectations of Members:


- attend ALL general body meetings either in person or via teleconference held the last Monday of each month at 6 P.M.


- submit ALL votes within 3 business days either via email or in-person during our general body meetings. 


- active members are permitted to vote collectively on ALL deciding factors of how CVBESTN provides aid to outside or internal initiatives.  


- active members are permitted to present during general body meeting. This poses as a powerful networking opportunity to share what you do with our network of donors and organizational leaders from within the region who may agree to support you too. 


- active members can solicit a request for aid for their own service projects, financial support for their faith-based business endeavors, volunteer support, and fundraising help during our general body meetings 


- active members will be expected to pay dues on the first day of each month with a five (5) day grace period before active status is temporarily suspended. After (3) occurrences of late payment, membership is terminated. 


- active members are expected to purchase their own exclusive TBN business attire and wear it during all CVBESTN meetings and public events.




Thank you for your time and consideration,


India Parson  

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